Escape The Pressure

Escape The Pressure

Every adventure has a story,  Escape The Pressure is a glimpse into ours…

Hi, I’m Brittany, that cute guy in the photo with me is my charming husband, adventure partner and business partner, Andy. We live in a small but growing, desert town in Colorado called Grand Junction. Our life is full of love, laughter, adventure and lots of dog kisses from our two hounds, Apollo and Bo. We share a passion for photography, climbing, hiking, acro yoga and camping; pretty much anything we can do, we’d rather do together.

In March of 2017, we opened our first business, a barre studio called Barrelosophy. Shortly after, we launched our women’s fitness clothing line called Barre Skin. This blog is going to share our adventures with you and share the story of how our legging prints come to fruition. Every print on our Barre Skin leggings is actually a photo Andy takes while we’re out exploring. Some of our leggings are photos of aspen trees, some of lichen growing on rocks, forest flowers and even dried, cracked mud!

I hope you find passion, creativity and adventure with us. We want to live a brave and bold life, and hope to inspire others to live one as well. Take a deep breath, explore this beautiful world, and  Escape The Pressure.

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